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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Orientation at DJ Montague

Today I got to meet my mentor teacher and see my practicum site for the first time. The school was amazing; artwork was all over the walls, and kids and teachers were springing with life. The atmosphere was vibrant, contagious, and definitely conducive to learning. I met the librarian and she agreed to let me and the other William and Mary students have access to any of the school's materials, and they reinforced the collaborative nature of this experience. I met my mentor teacher, Mr. Spence, who has a fifth grade classroom. I look forward to working with him and all his students. I am especially excited because the teachers at DJ Montague teach all the subjects, so it will be nice to get exposure to more than one subject before I teach. I begin my first "real" day next Friday, so stay tuned for updates!

Image from: http://www.wjcc.k12.va.us/djm/


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