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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

I sympathized with Bud the Teacher who is trying to integrate technology into the classroom but is reaching nothing but dead ends. He ordered laptops for his classroom, but still have not received them.

Oh, the frustrations of teaching begin. And here is my concern as a beginning teacher: I love technology! I welcome it, embrace it, and encourage it...unfortunately the rest of the world is a little more reluctant. So many people in the world are still stuck in the "Oh, we didn't need that stuff when I was coming along, so why do you need it now?" mindset.

Face it people...TIMES ARE CHANGING, like it or not!!! Technology is new, it's different; it's the way of the future! This is what it boils down to: the students who have exposure to technology willl have that extra edge in the real world. They'll get the big breaks and be snatched up quickly out of high school and college.

Fortunately, I grew up in a school with good technology, and I have a lot of access to technology at the elementary school in which I student teach. I can only sympathize with the teachers who have to fight for every computer, piece of software, etc. Don't give in; your battle is worth the fight.

So for those of you reading this, you probably agree. Afterall, those of you who disagree are still probably clinging to your typewriters...


At 7:35 AM, Blogger April Chamberlain said...

I am a Technology Team Leader at an Intermediate, grades 3 - 5, in Alabama. We have always had to fight tooth and nail to get any technology. Fortunately, our city decided to break away from a large system and form their own. It has been amazing! Our superintendant is passionate about technology and hiring the forward thinking people who can bring our four schools into the 21st Century. So many teachers do not see the need for technology because they say they do not have the time. We are trying to education them to see how technology can enhance the educational process. We created a technology conference during a district wide workday where everyone attended four session. We did this to jump start their interested into using technology. Every teacher that attended the sessions left with a laptop for their classroom. I was extremely surprised that several teachers did not want the responsibility of the laptop. One actually tried to give it back! I am working with Sheryl as part of the 21st Century Fellow program. I thought I was doing a good job incorporating technology into my 4th grade class room over the last years, but I have learned so many more tools that I am not able to use with all the students, 952. Only a handfull of teachers are interested in learning technology. What I have found to be interesting thought is that some teachers approach me about the tools I am using because their students have told them how they are using them in the computer lab and suggest that they also use them in their classrooms. The students are my best spokespeople!


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