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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Technology Inventory

The Technology Inventory was a great tool for learning about the resources that are available to me in my practicum. I cannot imagine how terrible it would be to plan an excellent lesson in the classroom, only to realize that you lack the means to implement it.

I'm glad to see that our school has access to digital video cameras. These will be extremely useful as student teachers. It will be a great way to showcase our work, and possibly add as artifacts in our electronic portfolios. I am also pleased to know that LCD projectors are available to us as student teachers. Because there are a limited number of classroom computers (2 in my classroom to be exact) there will have to be more whole group activities, and LCD projectors are a useful tool for incorporating the entire class.

Being in a school with good technology is great for teachers and students alike. Teachers can use it to engage students of all backgrounds, and the students who do not have it in the home can have exposure to it.

My main question/concern is that suppose I teach in a school one day that lacks the technology I hope to incorporate into my curriculum. What can I do to help improve the technology in this type of setting? How do I convince parents and administrators that it is essential to the curriculum, and what individual initiatives could be taken to improve the technology in the school?


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Howdy! THanks for your comments. I wrote some comments online at http://www.mguhlin.net/blog under the title of "Hang 'em up"

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