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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Personal Response System

During my educational classes, specifically Educational Psychology, I have encountered a neat little technology that could prove beneficial in the classroom called the Personal Response System. This tool enables all the students to have their own handheld device, and they can choose a number choice on their keypad to answer multiple choice questions.

The neat thing about this is that the answers all appear on the board and are 100% anonymous. It's a great way to encourage classroom participation. It shows wrong answers as well as right answers, so it is great for getting feedback about the current level of comprehension in your class. It's also useful in the sense that it does not provide biased feedback. Often, the only students who raise their hands are the ones that know the answer, so teachers get a poor assessment of the actual comprehension of the class as a whole.

Click here to learn more about this useful tool in the classroom!


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