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Monday, September 18, 2006

Another year has begun, and I am already in my second week of my practicum. Once again, I'm in a fifth grade class with the same cooperating teacher.

Last year I began my observation during the spring semester. This year, I begin my practicum with a new group of students. I get to see firsthand the importance of a structured classroom in the development of routines and procedures as well as the prevention of discipline problems. I have noticed that students are trying to find their place in the classroom, but they are constantly testing the limits, so consistency is a MUST!

This semester my practicum hours are in social studies, technology, and reading/language arts. Although much of my work is centered around the 5th grade curriculum, I take the time to visit a first grade classroom for language arts and a third grade classroom for social studies. I think it will prove beneficial to gain experience with a variety of age groups. Afterall, the challenges faced in a fifth grade class are entirely different from a first grade classroom.

So much to learn in a year... I will continue to blog about my experiences, concerns, hopes, fears, and random reflections from the perspective of a student teacher @ the College of William and Mary


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