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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Reflection on 2nd Grade Lesson Plan: http://www.edsupport.cc/mguhlin/blog/archives/2005/11/entry_668.htm

There's nothing more rewarding to a student than to be praised by others when you have worked hard on an assignment. Adding students work online is a great way to maximize student feedback and exposure. Even though it is password protected, the students have the opportunity to collaborate. The internet broadens our connections and our resources, so I guess it makes sense to ask, why not take advantage of it?

Although password protection is most likely a necessity in this day and time, I wonder if Miguel might find a way to share the password with parents. Parents too would love to see their students work, and it's a great way to share with families, without sending home papers that seem to get lost in the bottomless pit of backpack.

Here's another thought: although this was one unit, I think it might be neat to post multiple examples of student work throughout the year. This way, students have a way to review their work and the progress they've made. Maybe you could even make it a schoolwide initiative to show progress across grades!


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